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Calling all Scouts! We need your help patrolling the area around Anime Las Vegas! Here are your orders.

Go to the Anime Fire Booth and pick up your mission map.

Use the map to find the X’s around the convention. These are the areas we need you to patrol!


When you get to an X, ask an Anime Las Vegas Staff Member to stamp your map.

Once you get all 4 stamps, return back to the Anime Fire Booth and get your Official Scout Token!

4 Locations for map

1. Anime Karaoke Lounge

2. Four Empires

3. Wrestling Ring

4. Titan Inflatable


Sign ups are located at the ANIME FIRE booth located near Artist Alley and the main stage.

Please review the map below. The ANIME FIRE booth is on the layout by the green arrow.

Anime Fire Booth Map.png
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